One of a Different Color

One of a Different Color (CD cover)

Ryan Parmenter, founder of the defunct but celebrated progressive rock band Eyestrings, presents his fourth solo album. Very much in the progressive vein of Eyestrings, Parmenter’s 59-minute “One of a Different Color” is his first LP since “Sad Men” (2009).

“Color” features the guitar work of David Dawkins on half of the 10 tracks, and features a musical “cameo” of Matthew Parmenter’s (Discipline.) violin on the titular track. Ryan Parmenter wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced the album independently. It is released on CD and digital formats on New Year’s Day, 2018 on his independent label, Split Difference Records.

Track list:

  1. Please Don’t Hurt Us (3:06)
  2. Sin of Forgiveness (5:04)
  3. Seller (3:50)
  4. Give ‘n’ Take (4:06)
  5. Capitalism (8:24)
  6. Side Two Load Screen (2:02)
  7. One of a Different Color (9:54)
  8. For All Tomorrows (5:51)
  9. September (9:26)
  10. Up Above (7:28)


  • “One of a Different Color” — Ryan Parmenter, 2018
  • “Hyperbole — Original Novel Soundtrack” (EP) — Ryan Parmenter, 2012 (Digital release only)
  • “Sad Men” — Ryan Parmenter, 2009 (Digital release only)
  • “The Noble Knave” — Ryan Parmenter, 2006
  • “Consumption” — Eyestrings, 2005
  • “Burdened Hands” — Eyestrings, 2004
  • “Helvetica” — RCP, 1995

“One of a Different Color” and other selections can be ordered via these excellent Progressive Rock dealers:





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