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Leg Man 0

Leg Man

Leg Man A short film by @twozebras and @RyanCParmenter  

DBehind 0

The Devil Behind

The devil was behind Lyle. Right behind him. All the time. Lyle was born in a hospital in Oregon in the late twentieth century. His mother and father and several doctors were in the...

Over Limit 0

Over Limit

Kathleen wanted so badly to be important. The specifics did not concern her. Maybe she would be an important blogger. Maybe she would be awarded for her terse prose. Maybe she would be a...

Do_Questions_Exist 1

Do Questions Exist?

Prerequisites: OK, now that we’re caught up, let’s dive in: Kermit the Frog (D-NY) once said, “It’s not easy being green.” He had me at, “It’s not easy being.” Let’s raise some big...

Poor Summer 0

Poor Summer

Take for example a poor kid. He and his family camped for a whole summer at a county campground when he was 9. It was because they had no house. They had come back...

January, you cold bitch 0

January, you cold bitch

At one point in Hyperbole, Harland notes, “The level of disinterested self-involvement all around us is, for once, reassuring.” Lately, I’m finding it anything but reassuring. The flag should depict a grim face illuminated...

Don’t Panic … Right? 1

Don’t Panic … Right?

The late Douglas Adams gave us the 2-word mantra: “Don’t Panic,” and it’s a pretty good one. It is (pun dubiously submitted) universally applicable. Here’s why it’s resonating with me lately: I have invested...