What Bonkers wants

My wife and I have four pets. The smallest and dumbest is a cat named Bonkers.

Frequently, Bonkers screams. Not meowing or hissing. This is prolonged vocalization with apparent intent. When Bonkers screams at us, I wonder what he’s thinking. Is he hungry? No; he just ate. Is he scared? No; he would run away. So we’re left to ponder. Here is today’s theory:

Me wanna have things to play alla time. Why no gimme more, dummy? Nippy good, cuz why I can’t have none? You give me more wanties, make havies. Please now!


Author, musician, artist from Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA. Published the novel "Hyperbole" in 2012 as an ebook, followed by paperback and audiobook in 2013.

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