Rave Reviews of HYPERBOLE

the most I’ve ever laughed out loud while reading a book in my entire life

“So dark, funny and miserable you can’t stop reading”

This story is definitely dark. And the writing is incredibly intelligent. And funny. Brilliantly funny.”


The most violent comedy since The Bible.

DC gets destroyed.
Harland gets wasted.
America gets the leader it deserves.

This pitch-black satire follows a disillusioned pothead and his friends navigating an American minefield of domestic terrorists, power-grabbing opportunists, and meaningless dead-end jobs. Philosophical, irreverent, and sometimes oddly hopeful, Hyperbole explores what might become of the laymen when America’s head gets chopped off.

Fans of transgressive fiction and dark humor should grab this audiobook with both hands and not eat or sleep until it’s consumed.

Hyperbole is the debut novel by author Ryan Parmenter, who has performed in and around Detroit, Michigan as a comic improviser, a teahouse musician with JRS, and as leader of the defunct progressive band Eyestrings.



List Price: $13.95 (USD)Trade paperback, 6″ x 9″, 276 pages.The most violent comedy since The Bible is now in print in the good old-fashioned tree-killin’ format. This high-quality trade paperback format is a great stocking stuffer for you or your favorite literate loved one.

Order now: Amazon | CreateSpace


List Price: $5.95 (USD)For Kindle and all devices with the Kindle reader app.A great way to enjoy some dark satire on the go with your favorite e-reader.For a limited time, get it FREE with Amazon Prime membership. Also available for FREE when you buy the paperback version, through the Amazon MatchBook program.

Order now: Amazon

AudiobookList Price: $24.95(USD)Listening Length: 11 hours and 36 minutes.

This unabridged production of the novel is narrated by the author, with full characterization and dramatic interpretation. Perfect for a drive across the country or for listening on headphones while pretending to work.

You can get the audiobook FREE with a 30-day trial if you are new to Audible. Discounted for Audible members, and available for purchase with Audible credits. PLUS, if you make Hyperbole one of your first 3 purchases as an AudibleListener member, I will get a bit of a sales bonus. So … please do that!

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